Am I that interesting, or are you just clicking at random?

No don't answer that . :-)

Well, welcome to my page, more an on-line CV of sorts. My name is Andrew Peregrine, I'm a freelance writer for RPGs and for a proper job I work as a Lighting technician in the West End of London.

If you want to catch up with what I'm doing you can catch up what I'm doing on my Livejournal.
I've written a few stories you are welcome to read,
and here are a few links to the things I do or rather wish I did!
Finally, as well as my gaming sites I built a few others to practice on, you can take a look here.

My hobbies include Martial Arts, Amateur Theatre and whatever else is interesting at the time. Usually this involves RPGs in some way. I've been playing them for over 20 years, so why stop now? As to other things, I was the founder member of the UK arm of 'The Camarilla' fan club, and I did appear briefly in an episode of 'Jonathan Creek'.

I'm currently working on a degree with the Open University. I went to Drama college rather than University so I was always curious to study at degree level. I've chosen to study Religeon, more from an interest in myth than belief, but maybe I'll believe everything or nothing by the time I finish.

Other than that, enjoy the site and if you want to get in touch with me you can contact me at: peregrine @ madasafish . com