Here are a few links to find out more about some interesting things. I think they are very interesting but you should already have decided how much you value my opinion by now!

The Tower Theatre  
I've done several lighting designs for this group, mainly as they are fun to work with and a very professional group of people. Highly recommended, no matter what part of theatre interests you.
Zen Kyo Shin Martial Arts  
These are the guys I train with whenever my work lets me get there. The style is a mixture of Aikijutsu, Kenjutsu sword work and Zen Buddhism. The closest description I can manage is Jedi training!
Cubicle 7 Entertainment  
The people who take me to Gen Con Indy in return for making games! They produce Victoriana, Starblazer Adventures, SLA Industries, Dr Who RPG and the English version of Qin.
Hampstead Bowmen  
Archery is just fabulous. Even outdoors in the winter it's fun, especially with this lot. We may not be able to out shoot you, but we can certainly out drink you!
Theatre Royal Haymarket  
How sad am I for offering my workplace as an exciting link! But I am proud to be part of one of the oldest theatres in the West End and its worth finding out whats on.
Puzzle Pirates  
The best free game on the internet. Download it and come and find me on the Viridian ocean - ask for Fiora or Corone
Corone Design on Drivethrurpg  
Go and buy my stuff.
The Open University  
Always worth taking a look at. The array of courses is massive and you can take as many or as few as you like. Build them into a degree or just study for pleasure. The support is excellent and I can't recommend them highly enough.