The 6th Form

We see it as the duty of the older girls to educate and inspire the younger ones. So we have allowed the older girls a free space to add news and articles of interest to edify and inform you all. Pay attention at the back!


More Stuff
The marvellous Sean Riley had the temerity to send the girls a new character sheet design, but surviving the usual traps they set earned their respect. So they've added it to the site on the resources page and you can also find it here. Nice one Sean.

A wander through the internet also demonstrated the St Erisian's exchange programme may work both ways. While I have no idea what thay sound like, you may be curious to learn more about the band 'Scandal' who are pictured right and look as if they've just graduated a St Erisians music lesson.


Free PDFs and other Updates

Since the explosion in the computer labs it has proved troublesome to get online recently. So we are a little behind with the news. So pay attention at the back and we'll bring you up to speed.

We've added Hellcats and Hockeysticks to the 'Bits and Mortar' scheme. Which means that if you buy direct from the Cubicle 7 webstore we'll send you a free pdf with any print purchase.

The girls also allowed the writer of Hellcats out of the basement to do a Podcast for Cubicle 7. So you can hear him chat about Hellcats, Victoriana and his other work at 'It Came from the Cubicle'.

Those of you who have been paying attention to your German lessons (oh who am I kidding?) may be interested in our first international review from the Spieletest website

One of our ex-sixth formers Alene Medder reminded me that shamefully we had forgotten to add the 1989 film 'Heathers' to the inspirations list. Shocking! We're still not sure if we should add the new series entitled 'Hellcats' to the list yet. Although from the first episode it seems this series of Cheerleader shenanigans is not a bad effort for a group of American girls.

Finally, another one of our ex-pupils, the charming Mickey Schulz gives our game a mention on her blog and podcast at 'Geek Girls Rule' a sentiment shared by so many St Erisian's girls.

Thats all for now, class dismissed!



Coming to a store near you!
The St Erisian's board of governors is in talks with Cubicle 7 Entertainment about distributing our school rules to a wider audience. All going well this will mean Hellcats and Hockeysticks will be available in local games stores and the Cubicle 7 Webstore in a few months time. More news as it breaks!


The Reviews are in!
We've noticed a few reviews appearing for Hellcats, so if the threat of violence alone is not enough to send you out ot the shops to get hold of a copy, take a look at what these people have to say. The 4th form promised that no torture was used at all!

First there is a review on Drivethrurpg by Chris Churilla
Then the marvellous Grim drops an honourable mention in his Indiecon 2009 report
Finally the guys at Emotionally Fourteen review Hellcats at their blog


Hellcats Updated
We've finally had Hellcats marked by a proper teacher, who noticed a few minor spelling mistakes. So we've been in detention for a while fixing them. Most of the changes are simply layout issues or spelling that has been fixed. So don't worry, we havn't done a whole new second edition, if fact, you probably won't notice anything wrong with the original.

However, we did take the opportunity to change 2 of the special abilities of the Cliques as they were a little unbalanced. Firstly, it seemed unfair that Ninja Exchange students only got 1 extra die for their sneaking about. So we've bumped that up to 2. Secondly, Hockey girls were rather too powerful being able to add 1 to all the games skills. So we've changed that to adding 1 die when they are doing violence to people and things which makes more sense.

If you bought the game from Drivethrurpg, you should have already had a mail directing you to download the new version. Any further print copies from Lulu will also be the new version. If you have a print copy I sadly don't have a list of addresses to send you an update. However, I will happily send a free updated pdf to anyone with a print copy and a reasonable proof of purchase. In the meantime we'll add an errata to the site so you can see what changed.

Many apologies that we didn't fix this in the first version, I hope this doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the game.

New St Trinian's Film
There is another new St Trinian's film on the way: 'The Legend of Fritton's Gold'. Take a look at the website here. The film is released on the 18th of December 2009 and the website is packed with all manner of videos and downloads. More essential viewing for all St Erisian's girls.
  More True Stories - Un Soupçon de Poisson
In year 6 we really hated our French teacher. On the last day before half term, when we'd all be away for a week, we brought in a piece of fish - something really stinky like mackerel - and at the end of the last lesson of the day we sneaked it behind the heater, where it sat for a whole week. When school started again lessons had to be moved out of the entire block for days while they found the source (which no-one owned up to) and cleaned it up.


Kamikaze Girls
Just when you think you've covered all the 'inspirations' you find something else. The trailer doesn't do this film justice at all. It's a story about two very different Japanese girls finding freindship in a very St Erisian's way.