Welcome to St Erisian's

This boarding school for girls was established in 1866 but the building itself dates from the early 16th century. It has had a chequered history and been the source of much speculation and rumour. There are many foolish historical tales of witchcraft, necromancy and demonology leading to chaos, murder and sacrifice at the house. However, such lurid tales are surely the result of idle gossip and local legend. Several rumours persist about the girls at the school getting up to worse, but there is no evidence to support such accusations, and you'll be lucky to find someone ready to talk.

Hellcats and Hockeysticks is a game about this school and the girls who study there. To say the curriculum is quite unique is an understatement. The staff have learnt that the best way to impart knowledge to these unruly girls is to follow the maxim 'teach them what they want to learn'. So the girls have a wide range of skills from French to Firearms and from Drama to Demolitions. There are nine 'cliques' that the characters might come from and, while they share a friendship that crosses those boundaries, it isn't a friendship that means they always have to be nice to each other.



Dealers and entrepreneurs, who have a lot in common with the mafia.



Mistresses of music and the dark arts. The darker the better.




Hockey Girl

Sporty and competitive, very dangerous with a stick.



Innocent, sweet, blameless and very devious.





Computer hackers and stock market wizards.



Inspirational leaders who see torture as a useful learning aid.





Fearless (and often unethical) voyagers on the fringes of the final frontiers of science.



Manipulators and seductresses without peer.




Exchange Student

Overseas students skilled in a blade or the arts of Ninjutsu.